Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stuck In The 70's

Philippians 3:13-14 Forgetting what is behind, I fix my eyes on Jesus

God is teaching a very specific view of how life is to be lived and Paul brings it to life in Philippians 3.

1.  We Can’t Live In The Past

God doesn’t not want you to live in the past, today is a whole new day in God’s economy.
The past is something that God does not want us to focus on.
If you take this verse as literal as possible the past is just a few minutes ago.
It’s behind.
There are a number of issues related to the past that this verse applies to:
-          Things we are holding onto
They are comfort zones, things we haven’t gotten over (unforgiveness), Things we want
-          Past Successes
Take pride in this feed off of them
Excuse lack of present progress because of past successes
-          Past Failures
Our fears are alive and well today.
Self esteem still diminished.
I mean 30 years ago is a long time until you start talking about a past failure
-          Ideals are in the past
There were perfect moments in time, in the past, and they can’t be recreated.
Pauls says we have to forget what is behind.
Do you have to put them out of our mind so thoroughly that we don’t even know they were there?
No, this is making the choices to let go of them and let them be in the past instead of trying to revive them, relive them, recreate them in the present.
It is counterproductive to the now and the future and the now the future is where God is. 

2.     God Is In The Now And Tomorrow

Paul said after he has forgotten what is behind, He presses on towards the high calling In Christ Jesus.
How do you do that?  
You fix your eyes on Jesus.
Why is that important.
We’re Following Him and nothing else.
He is the source of real success.
If we don’t get our eyes fixed on Him and keep them fixed on Him we will never put an end to the distractions.
Pressing forward is important to you also because you are a different person today.
And because of who you are now, God is now able to do new things, more things, different things, more mature works and so with all that He can do, you haven’t got time for the past.
He couldn’t do what He is doing today at another time.
The timing wasn’t right, you were in a different place.
And today is a new day, as Lincoln Brewster writes and that is not just about forgiveness.
Even if you just get it today, it is true and it’s time to get started moving.
If you are VERY mature it is true and it’s time to get moving forward.
So we have to forget what is behind, let go of it, get over it, and move on!
There is work to be done in this heavenward journey.

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